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Tell them who it’s for

I talked to a company whose tag line was a variant of: fast, easy, and amazing X, Y & Z.

It seemed like it would be useful to me (it was about cashflow management), but I was having trouble figuring out how I was going to use it.

I asked who it was for, and the founder immediately answered that it’s for the CFOs of SMBs doing $1M+ per year in revenue.

You should tell people that in your tagline! Something like: X, Y & Z for the CFOs of SMBs doing $1M+ per year.

There’s only one person in any given company who knows enough to understand and buy this product, but he isn’t necessarily going to be the one to arrive on-site. If the CEO or anyone else finds it, they need to immediately think: “Frank is the CFO… I’ll send this to Frank!”

Another company presented themselves as “Exercise apps for endurance athletes.” Lots of exercise startups are launching currently, but if I was an endurance athlete (running, cycling, swimming), I would choose this one in a heartbeat. I have no idea if the prodcut is better, but it has more specificity.

If I’m choosing between products designed for the mass-market or my specific niche, I’ll pick the niche every time. If your startup is in the early stages, you aren’t going to have the features for everyone anyway, so you may as well zoom in your marketing message (and product choices) as far as is plausible.

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