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Phasing out the canvas and dashboard tools

This site previously featured digital versions of Osterwalder’s business model canvas, Blank’s customer development worksheets, and Komisar/Mullins’ risk dashboards.

You can still access them if you need to but I’m hiding them a bit since I’ve never been able to give them the time they deserve and better options now exist elsewhere.

To be clear: your data, canvases, and risk dashboards will remain safe and you can reach them via your dashboard.

I recommend these official apps instead

Alex Osterwalder has launched an iPad app which hooks numbers into the canvas to push & pull at the bottom line of your business models.

Team Steve is finishing a webapp perfect for updating a set of interested people on your weekly progress.

Other miscellany

The blog has a new face. There’s nothing like sludging through your own cobbled-together CMS for 18 months to make you appreciate just how wonderful WordPress is.

I hacked together a sweet RSS icon. It seems to be converting about 2000% better, so I guess we’ll see if that keeps up.

And finally, apologies if you’re a subscriber already and end up receiving the last 5 posts twice in your feed. I’m trying to migrate this as smoothly as possible, but it’s all a bit uncertain.

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