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This blog’s roadmap and an article roundup

Just a quick note to clarify what this blog is all about, plus some links back to a few of my favourite older articles posted when I had approximately zero readers.

I mostly write within three themes:

The lessons we rarely see

I approach these topics from the perspective of the founders you never hear about. Those who fail before ever appearing on the radar.

These silent failures outnumber–by far–the rest of the startup universe. I’ve been lucky enough to talk to a load of these founders through my time hanging around uni entrepreneurship programs. If you’re starting out, their lessons may be more relevant than you would like to believe.

And since I’m a startup nerd, I also occasionally overanalyze lean-startup and dig deep into a particular business model, case study, or framework which catches my fancy (such as this video about the business of strip clubs).

Upcoming series

Finally, I’m working on a few longer, more in-depth series:

  • A tech entrepreneur’s perspective on the social enterprise community
  • Teaching (and learning) entrepreneurship (you can’t force passion, but you can certainly teach crucial skills)
  • Honest case studies of the challenges faced (and compromises made) by in-progress startups

So that’s what’s coming up. If there’s anything else you would enjoy having my perspective on, please let me know in the comments.


Since this is already a meta post, allow me to take the opportunity to say:

Thank you so much for reading!

I would truly love to hear from you — drop me a note at to let me know what you [dis]like about what I’m up to or just to fill me in on what you’re working on. I’ll help if I’m able!

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2 Responses to This blog’s roadmap and an article roundup

  1. SteveC says:

    heh. At my work one day they raised the price of a 16 oz. soda from 0.90 to $1.10. I lost my shit. Shit was lost.

    I put a post-it note on the machine saying, “$1.10???? Really???” Shortly after a flurry of other, similar post-it notes appeared on the machine.

    A week later, a buddy of mine happened to be in the break room when the guy came to refill the machine. Not a single soda had been sold. The guy looked at all the notes, opened up the machine… nothing to refill … turned to my buddy with a puzzled look. My buddy just smiled and shrugged.

    Two years later I’ve still not bought a soda from that machine. It’s still at $1.10.

    I guess some people buy sodes from that thing. I used to buy one every day. Let’s see, 0.90 * 365 * 2 = $657 in lost sales.

    Funny that your $55 is exactly 0.5 * the $1.10 that made me lose my shit.

  2. Mantel says:

    I buy soda daily and coffee because I use to work at starbucks to socialize a bit, I think I’m losing much more then, in a whole year.