Gunslinger kid

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Your startup is a gunslinger

Your startup ideas don’t want to die peacefully of old age. They want to go down pistols blazing, in a gunfight with the market.

And you’ll find that more often than you imagine, they stand back up–looking a touch different thanks to the bullet holes–with a new lease on life and a few new tricks up their sleeves.

The more time you let pass between these little scuffles with the market, the more likely your hopeful company is to stay down for good.


Photo by anyjazz65

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2 Responses to Your startup is a gunslinger

  1. What a great metaphor.

    It’s so easy to hide in your comfort zone and carefully do what won’t cause problems, but I think you’re absolutely right: the strength of a startup should be its ability to go all-out without fear of getting knocked down, confident that it can rise again when the time comes…

    Definitely an image to keep in mind – thanks!