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A blind, forceful kick toward the sphinx

Before you’ve begun, the most important thing is to give the ball a blind, forceful kick and get it rolling.

Until you’ve done this, inertia will kill you dead. Perfection and planning are inertia’s tireless guardians and your enemies.

Once you’ve started, the most important thing is to learn how to learn.

The universe helps founders like a sphinx helps adventurers: it offers exactly what you seek, places it just out of reach, and leaves you for dead should you fail to uncover it.

During this stage, making the most of these hidden opportunities is crucial. Every meeting, every email, every visitor, every day is a chance to get exactly the information you require.

Getting started is wild flailing to overcome inertia. Moving forward from there is a structured hunt.

Theory and frameworks have no place in the former and are a godsend for the latter.

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5 Responses to A blind, forceful kick toward the sphinx

  1. Joe H says:

    Sweet! I’ll just keep building inertia. :)

    • robfitz says:

      I hope you mean building momentum. Inertia is what keeps you in place ;)

      You’ve already gotten over that first big hurdle of getting started. Now it’s learning how to present it, who cares enough to spread the word, and how to reach everyone you need to. From what you said previously, the news coverage was going well, so hopefully that can be repeated.

      Anyway, happy holidays to you and the family. All the best!

  2. cathy says:

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