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An overheard enterprise freemium pitch

I was talking to a buddy who ran digital for a big entertainment brand and he told about the best pitch he ever received.

The startup making the pitch began by giving away everything. Here’s a video of the particulars (2 minutes, with apologies for the wiggly camera).

PS. I’m going to start doing a load more videos, but will only post 1 or 2 per week here on the blog.

If you like them, head over and subscribe on youtube. I’ve got like 10 followers (I love you!), so you’ll get to move the bottom line by 10% and make me very excited ;)

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2 Responses to An overheard enterprise freemium pitch

  1. Kalina says:

    Hi Rob,
    Do you think this applies to all creative products? I think there are some boundaries, i.e. fashion items.

    • robfitz says:

      Definitely boundaries — this was specifically for a high-priced information product (e.g. $100,000) which would normally have a long and tedious sales process.

      It worked to shortcut the normal sales process here because he was able to give away something which appeared valuable for free (so why not take it?) when all it really did was make the person want the paid service (the reports & analysis) even more.

      So no, it doesn’t directly relate to any fashion item I can think of. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find some other clever way of pitching, selling, or marketing your product ;)

      (Not that you need to be clever. A good product plus a regular old, boring sales process have worked just fine for 10,000 years)