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Etsy to kickstarter to scale

I just got a chance to see the businesses-in-progress of a bunch of product design students.

They’re using etsy to sell their prototypes and one-offs as a pre-channel test.

Kickstarter is awesome for avoiding channel issues and overcoming fixed setup costs, but the successful projects are pretty far along by the time they become funded.

Etsy is an awesome way to sell one or two and answer the question, “does anybody want it?” It’s the pre-kickstarter (which is itself the pre-everything-else).

It’s like running a concierge MVP, but for physical product companies.

This is such a sharp way to test pricing and features before you can drive any traffic or build a brand or site.

Can you test your tech biz on etsy? Not so much.

But we’re in a time and place where new startup enablers are popping up constantly — you should always be looking for new ways to test your big question marks and never take the historical obstacles (and solutions) for granted.

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6 Responses to Etsy to kickstarter to scale

  1. Brian Keane says:

    what is etsy?

  2. Corrine says:

    Thanks Rob for visiting Kingston University yesterday to visit the MA in Creative Economies students. Really enjoyed the session and glad to see you like the Etsy idea.

    @ Brian, is like eBay, but for people who make creative goods. It also has a built-in invoicing system which is a great way to practice business transactions without starting from scratch.

    • robfitz says:

      My pleasure and thanks for the inspiration ;)

      Looks like a wonderful program — I’m excited to hear how launch goes for the students’ businesses.

  3. Susanne says:

    Thank you for a great session Rob!! We got a lot of things to think about, and the feedback we got from you at our mini “dragon’s den” was really helpful :) I just blogged about the busines canvas, and I think it is such a good tool!

    • robfitz says:

      Haha, awesome. The canvas has been a total life-changer for me.

      If you’re willing to, I’d be really interested if you would send me an email in a couple weeks with an update on how it has been useful (or not) and how you’re using it (or not).

  4. cathy says:

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