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Innovating in the wrong direction for brilliant products

What’s the problem with greeting cards? They take too dang long! And they’re a meaningless gesture anyway, so why not make them easy?

That’s the approach all the e-cards have taken. These companies have looked at the lay of the land and declared: “The problem is convenience.”

Moleskine looked at the same territory and instead opined, “The problem is that cards are a meaningless, tacky gesture.”

Convenience is hardly the top concern when people we care about are involved. After all, we drive two hours each way to pick up a friend from the airport to save them the bus ride. But of course we’re not going to waste the time on a tradition whose emotional payload has been devalued to the point of meaninglessness.

So they innovated on the card, not by making it easier, but by making it more involved. And less tacky. A 4-page notebook which fits into an envelope.

Brilliant innovation on an old industry by aborting the arms race for a new solution and instead by focusing on a different problem.

Can the same be done in your world?

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4 Responses to Innovating in the wrong direction for brilliant products

  1. Suji says:

    Cool notebook! It’s a nice product. I agree that convenience is one of the factors to be considered.

  2. Mat Cegiela says:

    Good post Rob.
    It’s a great skill to cultivate – Being able to look at the bland scenery and say: What is wrong with this picture? Few industries are less exciting and more stuck on autopilot than gift cards. It’s inspiring to see someone take on something like that flip it. I think opportunity loves to hide in plain sight.
    That fickle beast. :)

  3. cathy says:

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