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Come build & bootstrap with me in London, starting tomorrow

Howdy. This is off-topic for the blog, but wanted to announce a couple things going on in London that I am doing and excited about.

I’ve begun the £10k bootstrap challenge, where I’m trying to bootstrap my way to profitability with a new set of products before running out of money. I’m publishing daily updates plus my weekly bank balance & income reports. Get the updates on rss, email, or youtube as I [hopefully don't] fail. Here’s the announcement video:

If you’re in a similar boat and need a little motivation and accountability, I’d encourage you to check out Founder Centric, a peer support and workshop series I’m putting on with Salim Virani (who founded leancamp). The earlybird tickets are £100 for a combination of classes, workshops and support spread over as long as it takes you to reach profitability (hopefully ~4 months). Think of it as joining me on the bootstrap challenge. Sign up here!

And finally, this weekend I’ll be at the GA/Amex Unlock London hackathon, trying to build a new product (for the bootstrap challenge, of course!) from start to finish in 2 days. The event is free and includes both lunch and booze. (!)

And finally, in an effort to remain educational, here’s a quick video on common misunderstandings about engines of growth (so common that I made these mistakes just this week!). The most nefarious slip-up is treating Twitter as a viral strategy:

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6 Responses to Come build & bootstrap with me in London, starting tomorrow

  1. Vlad says:

    I’ll be joining you there, hope we can build smth together.

    • robfitz says:

      Hey Vlad, sorry to have missed you — I have no idea what anybody looks like! Hope you had a good weekend regardless. Which project was yours?

  2. david says:

    wish i was in london
    hope i can take part when we meet on friday

    i think you guys are absolutely stacked with the right processes
    i’d like to add a simple step
    which takes some hutspah :)

    load on the simultaneity!

  3. fwe4t34y says:

    what the

    what the hell is this content farm blog bs

    where is that Fire and Forget game

    • robfitz says:

      Sadly I lost the source code due to a combination of computer and server deaths : (.

      I really wish I still had it. Took forever!