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Custdev soundbites – framing the conversation and avoiding awkwardness

Custdev is super awkward and easy to screw up. Here are two quick tips on getting through that. If you’re in an rss reader, you’ll likely need to view the full post to get the audio player.

Note: This is the first time I’m trying audio clips as a post format. Do you like it or hate it? Let me know! or @robfitz

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3 Responses to Custdev soundbites – framing the conversation and avoiding awkwardness

  1. Eze says:

    I really like the audio format, the quality isn’t bad either!

  2. Armand says:

    I prefer text so that I can keep up listening to music. And read as fast as I want.

  3. Travis Dirks says:

    This is relating to your second clip. Could you elaborate on the give them a stake in your company part? I get giving stakes to an advisory board, but on customer dev you might be talking to 10 people a week. Are you really giving stakes to all of them? Do you set aside shares?

    Also, something I’m struggling with is I’ve finally found my first evangelist. They would be a great sale for me, and actually result in a whole distribution channel. They also really understand the industry and the problems I can solve, so I’d love to have them on board as an advisor. However, I worry that that will cause weird conflict of interest feelings when they are recommending us inside their organization. Have you faced a situation where your top customer opportunity would also be your top advisor opportunity? Any thoughts?

    ( interesting idea with the short shareable audio clips. I’m still on the fence, bit looking forward to seeing more of it as I can see the opportunity.