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If Barclays can do it, so can you

You get your first meetings by asking

You get your first meetings by asking

On Thursday, two Barclays small business managers spent the day with me at work. In doing so, they cheerfully followed me between three cafes, Google Campus, the Hoxton Hotel, and the pub (I am a migratory worker of sorts).

Why did they do this? Because they wanted to see what a working day was like for a brand new tech startup.

Why did I let them? Because they asked. And why not? If I’m spending time & money on a company’s services, I am highly incentivised to help them understand what I need.

This post isn’t meant to be about Barclays in particular (although Ravi and Caris were great). It’s a broader lesson about the surprising simplicity of getting started with early stage customer learning.

To recap:

You know you should talk to people but are having trouble finding people to talk to. It’s simpler than you think:

The conversations come from asking.

And people say yes because they care about what you’re doing.

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