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Pizza party custdev

I was at a pizza party the other day and ran into exactly the sort of person I’m trying to figure out how to help with dexio. He was happy to chat, but I didn’t have any paper. Crisis!

Sometimes you find your users unexpectedly

Sometimes you find your users unexpectedly

So much information comes across in a good conversation, it’s hugely wasteful to try to keep it all in your head. When you just remember it, you end up with a general feeling (“he liked it!”) instead of all the specifics about that person’s workflow, current solutions, and particular pains.

Customer development isn’t serious business–it’s just asking questions and then caring about the answer. Everyone’s happier if you take the time to write it down, even if you have to do something as silly as using a bunch of paper plates.

(And as it turned out, he quite enjoyed my solution. People like to know that the time they spend helping you won’t be wasted)

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  1. gargi says:

    hey rob, really enjoyed this blog on customer development….your notes are so much neater than mine! don’t you hate revisiting your pile of scrappy notes (in my case) and then trying to remember what the hell the interviewee said….’note to self’…. are- write key points of convo immediately, don’t fling them in a corner of the bedroom till the weekend