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Stop looking for cofounders and help them find you instead

You know that awesome person you’d love to start a company with? The amazing one, who is super good at what they do?

How do you know they’re great? Probably because you’ve seen their work. They done stuff and told people.

So flip the question: how you can put them in your current shoes? How can you make yourself so visible and so obviously good that they’re trying to find you? How do you get out of the crowd and into the spotlight?

It doesn’t mean turning into a PR-monger or a vacuous self-promotional engine. After all, you only need one cofounder. You just need to get onto one person’s radar.

Stop looking for cofounders and start making it easier for them to find (and want) you.

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4 Responses to Stop looking for cofounders and help them find you instead

  1. I’ve been guilty of hiding in my cave and still hoping to build a team. Need to remember the golden rule of “do stuff and tell people”.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Klaus says:

    Brilliant way of looking at things Rob, Hrishi I think we are all guilty of that! time to get out of the cave

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