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The startup career guide (new book coming soon)

Happy to be announcing my next book (there are actually two upcoming, the other is on content marketing).

It’s a career guide for the startup world aimed at high school and university students. It’s basically a survey of the types of companies you can start, plus some tips on how to get started and avoid getting hurt while you do so. It’s organised around companies which pursue scale (a small chance at getting big), reliability (a big chance of getting profitable), and freedom (business as a shortcut to your main life goals).

Here’s the slide deck of the talk I’m giving at 6:35pm this evening. Pre-order a bit further below.

You can pre-order it for £10 as of today. I’ve marked the delivery date as December 24, but to be honest it’s a bit up in the air. In any case you’ll receive a solid draft by then, and your feedback will be hugely appreciated to hone and improve the final version.

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One Response to The startup career guide (new book coming soon)

  1. Kamil says:

    Grretings from Cologne. :-)

    Looking forward for the book(s). We are working on a university, scalable startup-kit. this would fit in this space!