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My name is Rob Fitzpatrick. I’m based in east London.

Rob & this site

I’ve screwed up a lot of stuff in the last 7 or so years of running startups. This site is just about some of my perspectives based on those failures and my ongoing attempts to build products & companies.

I mostly write about the experience of being a founder, doing customer development, & understanding business models. But anything about startups is fair game.

If you need more information, there’s a full PR blurb thing at the bottom of this page.

Where did the canvases go?

This site used to be all about digital version of Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, Steve Blank’s Customer Development worksheets, and Randy Komisar’s Risk Dashboard.

That all still exists and you can reach it through

Your data is safe and still there. I have no immediate plans to disable these features, but I’m also not going to be promoting them. Both Osterwalder and Blank have now released their own digital versions of their respective frameworks.

Their apps are great!

I recommend that everyone use these new official tools instead of mine. Mine are buggy and unsupported, but if you really need something free, feel free to head to the dashboard and give it a go.

PR bio thing


Rob Fitzpatrick writes at and is the founder of


Rob is a tech entrepreneur based in London. He has successfully bankrupted 3 companies, is a YCombinator alum (summer 07), and has built products used globally by brands like MTV & Sony and has raised funding in the US & UK. He writes about early stage startup strategy at and is starting up his next company at

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