The big ideas

Hey! I wrote a book on how to actually do customer development! Go to to learn more.

Startup basics

An [in progress] attempt to concisely describe all the important bits of how startups work.

Picking an idea

Where do startup ideas come from? What makes them good or bad?

Startup strategy

How to actually put lean startup into practice and move from “big vision” to “what to do this week”.

Talking to customers

I spent 4 years going from awkward techie to competent enterprise sales guy. Here’s how to learn from customers without all the hand-waving and fluff.

Finding customers to talk to

Nobody ever tells you where to find those pesky customers you’re supposed to interview…

Learning about entrepreneurship

You’ll soon find yourself drowning in good advice. How do you make sense of it all and find what works for you?

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The founder’s mindset – failing

A healthy view of failure for folks who refuse to go back to the 9–5 but aren’t yet independently wealthy.

The founder’s mindset – shipping

Resolving the tension between working smarter and working harder.

The founder’s mindset – being and improving

About becoming better founders.

Blogging for businesses

The real reason for blogging, without all the social media BS.

Finding cofounders

In a question with no easy answers, some approaches are still better than others.

Using advisors

Appreciating the most under-used tool in the startup arsenal.

Understanding the business model canvas

Case studies (mostly videos) explaining the subtleties and misconceptions about how the canvas applies to startups.


The series above were designed to comprehensively teach certain topics. The ones below aren’t — they’re just a bunch of articles on a given topic.


Miscellany about the things we built and the value we create.

Sales & pitching

Tips for helping bad salespeople (like I was) become better ones.


There’s enough written about how to raise money by folks who have done it more than I have, but here’s my take on a few points.

Totally random stuff

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  1. How do we talk face to face?

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    How to Tackle a bad phase(Financially bad phase) in startup’s .

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